Leveraging Social Media Influence When Building Brand Value

Social media platforms were built from our desire to connect with trusted resources, forever changing the way we share and discover. Influencer projects will build brand awareness and support the introduction of content and services through expert industry perceptions and immersive experiences.

A well-positioned influencer, combined with a social response strategy, is proven to support overall growth, offering the advantages of active and emotional entry points. Our ability to capture attention during these “trusted” occasions is well suited for building strong audiences and positioning a brand as innovative thought leaders focused on the future of the industry; a trusted resource for both consumers and industry experts.

It is important to adopt an open and collaborative tone for influencer initiatives. Internally, determine the collective goals and long-term projections across the company’s disciplines. Developing affinity and influence around products and services, influencers and advocates should represent the brand with consideration to brand standards and mission statements.

Co-creating with influencers helps to position the conversation so that the brand is perceived as aware and responsive to the voice of customers and able to stay ahead of disruption. Also consider opportunities for co-branding with brands from adjacent spaces. This is often mutually beneficial for both brands, each having a part of a conversation around an entire solution with a more holistic objective. Co-branding within social media extends the brand into new audiences and builds a very strong, trusted story for both parties.

At Communica, we take a very custom, ethnographic approach to choosing an influencer. We take the time to explore social media by platform and utilize industry events and websites for contextual information. Some of the very basic things to consider when looking for the right influencer include:

  • Considering not only the size of the audience, but the health of the audience. In some circumstances a micro-influencer can be even more valuable than those with massive audiences.

  • Looking at the quality of engagement and the audience reach.

  • Ensuring that your influencer is willing to co-create content

You’ll want an influencer that will work within the guidelines and resources for each project. Also be mindful of influencer fraud and closely monitor for any suspicious activity.