Protecting Your Reputation During a Conflict

Reputation Management is critical to your organization’s bottom line. When conflicts arise with customers, employees or your community, it is important to prepare yourself with a well thought out response to any criticism you might receive. Without proper preparation, you might respond to media questions in an “off the cuff” manner that could hurt your business even more in the long run. You must be prepared — especially in this time of such prevalent social media engagement. A rampage by a disgruntled individual on Twitter or Facebook can take on a life of its own. Engaging a public relations professional can help guide you through your situation.

As with crisis communications, reputation management should be a proactive practice. Don’t sit around and wait for a reporter to call you and then try to scramble to provide answers. If you are prepared, you will deliver your messaging in a calm, collected manner and you won’t be so reactionary. You will also be more likely to generate continued trust in your brand.

At Communica, we are often brought into consulting situations by attorneys who understand the importance of planning ahead in situations where a person’s reputation or business reputation is at stake. Together, with the attorney and their client, we develop a message map that anticipates any potential questions that might be asked by the media. The responses that are developed have the blessing of the attorney.

In the long run, your reputation or that of your business will be best served by planning ahead. We can help.