Demystifying The Communications Process

Communication may seem like a simple process: you have a story to tell, you locate the people who would benefit most from hearing it, and you tell them your story. But that process is fraught with disruptions that can become serious obstacles to delivering your messages.Public relations is a critical element in an integrated communications program. It is a cost-effective approach for attracting your target markets and enhancing your brand.

At Communica, we begin by looking at a client’s communications goals and objectives from a very practical perspective. What do you want to accomplish through this program – in sales, in new business, in relationship building? What is standing in the way of reaching these goals? Who can we call upon to be partners in reaching these goals?

Through a detailed audit of previous and current communications efforts, we’re able to identify which audiences would most benefit from doing business with the company, and then we craft the messages that would best resonate with them. We then develop the blueprint that puts this strategy into motion.

A comprehensive public relations program is integrated throughout all other communications initiatives. Introducing a new product at a trade show? A news conference will help to extend that influence to all the trade press attending the show. In addition, let’s blog about the industry’s reaction to the product introduction, and join the trade show’s conversation on applicable social media channels. And we’ll make sure that all customers know about the new product through a special edition of the customer newsletter.

We may never move communications back to its sender-message-receiver simplicity. In fact, targeting your messages to very specific audiences is much more desirable – and effective!