Taking Video to a Higher Level

Video can become one of the most effective tools a company can employ to tell its stories. Whether highly produced, in a “documentary” sort of approach or shot with a smart phone, video in any format is effective in conveying information or illustrating a corporate culture.

But video will take on an entirely new significance depending on the point of view of the shooter. Communica’s number one tool, filmmaker Jonathon Kimble, makes adaptable videos that can be used across multiple platforms.

Kimble takes a cinematic approach when filming, resulting in a final product that not only takes the viewer on a journey, but also can elicit a wide range of emotions in the process. The viewer can sense the drama as Kimble pieces together a story visually while playing on the emotions of his audience. They’re drawn into the tale Kimble is telling while taking in the message that is being delivered.

Communica is dedicated to developing content that is simultaneously creative and effective. Video is also developed with the notion that it will be shared through real-time media channels. Kimble is an artist who shares this same vision.

“Real-time media is a powerful tool, and so is using a visually appealing element such as a video. Through telling a story, and starting conversations about that story across social channels, the benefits and exposure are endless,” he said.

Setting a mood is just as important in video, and Kimble’s work reflects that in dramatic ways. In ads developed for the University of Toledo Rockets Football schedule, Kimble began in dark tones and music before building to a climax about that week’s game. The approach “really helps build excitement about the season and the upcoming game,” he said.

A graduate of the Savannah (Ga.) College of Art and Design with a bachelor’s degree in film and television, Kimble works on a wide range of commercial and corporate projects for Communica, including directing, writing, cinematography, editing and music composition. In addition, he has directed, produced or shot three feature-length films, including IMMINENCE, Gibsonburg and By Demons Be Driven.

Video allows you to not only tell a story, but to do so in a compelling way. This engagement helps to form lasting relationships with your audiences, which then directly contributes to the success and visibility of your company.