Dreaming in the Right Place

On Creative Strategy
Mark West

When a client first engages with Communica, one of the early steps may include bringing a creative strategist into the initial meetings. Clients benefit from having a creative strategist present to help connect the thoughts, desires, aspirations and challenges of the organization with the overall marketing communications strategy.

“Including a creative strategist to help guide marketing communication concepts benefits clients throughout their engagement with the agency,” said Mark West, associate vice-president of creative services. “We are able to assist in developing and executing the big picture for their organizations. By ensuring that the creative aspects of our accounts are recognized and addressed from the outset, we minimize confusion and streamline the process.

At Communica, creative strategists bring strong backgrounds in storytelling, writing, aesthetic understanding and problem-solving skills to the table, along with the ability to guide the client’s ideas and the creative staff’s work to an innovative, engaging combined vision.

“Often, our role is to help level set expectations on all sides, narrow the focus and make sure we are all dreaming from the right place from the beginning,” said West.

As one of Communica’s creative strategists, West says his role benefits the most when he can hear directly from the client.

“Ideally, we want our creative process to be so clear everyone can see it,” West said. “By joining the account team from the beginning, we are able to understand the client philosophically, which allows us to pivot from strategy to creative work and back again,” said West.

At Communica, creative strategy supports marketing communications and public relations work throughout the agency.  If you are interested in learning more about any of our services, visit www.communica.world.