Integrated Marketing – The State of the Industry

Just like the real-time world has rocked how we communicate, so goes the world of marketing communications. Long gone are the days of radio, television, outdoor and direct mail as the main tactics for attracting new customers. If you aren’t fully engaged in combining your traditional marketing efforts with digital outreach, you’re missing the boat. Today, content is king. And the better you, or your agency, are at creating content (blogs, news releases, YouTube videos, white papers) — the more recognition you’ll receive in your marketplace.

Before generating content, take a look at your brand. Your brand should be solid. You should know your brand promise, your value propositions by audience and your elevator speech. Your whole team needs to be focused on the same messages. Are your graphics dated? Does your logo look like it was created for the Savings & Loan down the street or is it fresh? Was your website created years ago? Does it look dated and no longer reflect how your company has evolved? Have you become a convert to real-time media and do you have someone dedicated to the job?

How about inbound marketing? Are you tracking the folks that are taking a look at your website and responding to them at the appropriate times? What about PR? With real-time media, the lines between PR and Marketing are disappearing. Have you engaged a PR professional to write content for you?

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