Make All Your Marketing Tools Work Together

A word from President Debbie Monagan
Communication is evolving so rapidly that sometimes, marketing practitioners have trouble deciding who’s driving the bus within an agency. Is PR driving real-time? Is digital strategy king? Is print advertising passé? There’s no simple answer. As an integrated marketing communications firm, we declare ourselves “platform agnostics.” We do not approach our clients’ businesses with a bias on what should be done to deliver results. It takes research — competitive landscape reviews of their competition’s place in the market, a hard look at their brand and brand messaging, a look at their customer’s journey, a discussion around the goals for the organization and what will be viewed as success for their bottom line. In other words, there’s no cookie-cutter approach to success. Every client is different and every approach we take is unique. To that end, it can sometimes be a challenge to decide where the yellow brick road to success should start. And, who should be driving the bus.

Communica’s team members are seasoned integrated marketing communication specialists who are challenged with continuous learning. They possess a 360° view of the tools and tactics available to further their clients success. They have to understand all the latest bells and whistles in social media and how the digital revolution is changing the way communication happens. It’s no longer push/pull — it’s a real-time conversation. It’s no longer ok to stick with only a traditional approach to marketing. Your greatest success will come from an integrated approach to marketing and regularly reviewing and learning about the latest opportunities to get there.

It’s about knowledge. It’s about working in cross-functional teams and not having a bias. Communica provides the 360° marketing perspective, key to steering our clients to success.

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