Communica, Inc. Merges with The Pursuit Group

For three decades, Communica has developed smart, effective, award-winning advertising, marketing and public relations for an extensive list of clients locally, nationally and globally — from Fortune 500 companies to the latest startups. Recently, Communica merged with the Pursuit Group, a Toledo-based content marketing and funnel management firm with a Columbus, OH office.

With the marketing, PR and advertising landscapes continuously changing and becoming more integrated, it made sense to combine the strengths of the two companies for expanded service to our clients.

According to Communica CEO Jeff Kimble, “We have worked closely with The Pursuit Group for years. They bring additional expertise to our clients and we felt that it was time to formalize our relationship.”

Since 2003, The Pursuit Group has helped business-to-business enterprises improve their revenue generation performance. By combining expertise in funnel management and content marketing with advanced marketing technology, the company helps its clients generate leads, turn more leads into sales, and grow current customers into bigger and longer-term customers.

Barry Rosen, Pursuit Group principal, talks about the merger this way, “We always had great admiration for Communica’s work and had real success whenever we teamed with them to serve clients. And, as the B2B markets we serve have been forced to navigate new buyer needs and behaviors, it was easy to see how our marriage would be an opportunity to better serve them. It’s unique and powerful. Our strengths in funnel strategy, content marketing and marketing technology and their expertise in branding, marketing communications and media are hard to find in one cohesive package.”

The primary principals in the agency are Jeff Kimble, Debra Monagan, Barry Rosen and John Edwards.