3D Printing

There have been times for all of us when the available tools don’t enable us to create the effect we want to achieve. But now, using 3D printing, we can create almost anything we can imagine. And it’s changing the way we look at our creative work, both in-house and for clients.

We were recently faced with the challenge of filming a particular scene from a number of angles simultaneously. Rather than being limited by the equipment currently available to us, we were able to create an entirely new camera rig for six cameras – and get exactly the look we wanted for an unconventional and striking visual composition. Likewise, when we have a recommendation we’d like to share with our client – a new trade show booth, a product display, packaging prototype, scale models of their own products, etc. – we can build it in 3D as a complete project.

When creating something meant for 3D space, 100 2D representations on a screen can’t say what one model in your hands can. Our 3D printer allows us to accompany our creations with fewer words, less explanation. The fewer questions a client needs to ask about a particular design the better.

We can create for a variety of applications with our high-volume, high-resolution, fused deposition modeling (FDM) RepRap (or open source) 3D printer. It’s a very flexible, customized resource for taking our thinking and creativity to a new level that we’ve never even dreamed of before. The printer may be just a piece of equipment, but it’s allowing us to create in ways we’ve never done before, and the means to take those creations off the screen and into our hands.