Computer-Generated Imagery Services Grow Increasingly Popular

At Communcia, we are proud of the efforts we have made to uphold our reputation for offering fully integrated creative services for our clients. One of those creative services is computer-generated imagery, or CGI that utilizes advanced 3D modelling and visualization software. Most mid-sized, and even some large-scale, agencies rely on a vendor relationship to fulfill CGI requests, but this is a service we are pleased to have in-house.

CGI services have been beneficial for our clients for a number of reasons. CGI not only results in beautiful imagery, but it has the potential to save time and money while offering options and solutions that traditional photography, in some cases, simply cannot execute. When using CGI in place of photography, you don’t need to accommodate for product and personnel transportation or location costs. Our team can work directly with files supplied by the client as well as edit or create new models to accommodate the needs of the client and the particular project. Being able to create photorealistic imagery without having a product is also beneficial for manufacturers who haven’t put a product through production yet but have reason to begin developing their marketing materials.

Another reason for CGI’s growing popularity is the creative freedom it provides. For designers, CGI can present the opportunity to experiment with the product itself by trying different textures, colors and finishes all without the exorbitant costs of creating more than one product – be it a chair, a kitchen, or even an entire vehicle. It also gives free creative reign when developing photography concepts and can be used to supplement photography in circumstances when it isn’t realistic to utilize Photoshop. It’s important to note that this capability is not limited to still images. Utilizing 3D files we can even create photorealistic animation to complement video and develop compelling and informative product videos.

Communica has had great experience and success with our tradeshow and exhibit executions for clients in many industries over the years. Utilizing CGI visualizations has allowed our clients to see booth designs as they will exist in 3D space before a single thing is built. This capability allows us to communicate our designs to our clients in detail and with leaving little to the imagination.

One of the most valuable aspects of CGI is its ever-expanding scope to solve problems clients never even knew they had or provide them with solutions they never imagined possible.